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For better water that fits every home and every budget, look to The Water Doctor. We offer a range of products and approaches to provide your family with a continuous supply of soft, clean water. Ask us which water softener will work for you.


Premier S250

Powered by the kinetic energy of moving water- not electricity- these exceptional water softeners remove hardness and chlorine from your family’s water. The efficient performance uses less water and salt than other systems for remarkable savings. Working on demand, Kinetico systems meter water use and regenerate based on actual usage. You won’t waste water or salt, yet you’ll always have clean, soft water whenever you need it. Our platinum 10 year warranty guarantees years of dependability and peace of mind.

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Signature series

Signature 935

Designed to keep pace with your household's water needs, The Kinetico Signature series delivers a continuous supply of clean water. The SmartDisk is set to accomodate your specific water conditions. The Twin Tank System continuously provides an unlimited supply of clean, soft water since one tank is always in service, even during regeneration. Effectively removing hardness and designed to work on demand, The Kinetico Signature series will always ensure that your family has soft and clean water, even with the most challenging water conditions. Backed by a 5 year guarantee, rest assured- we stand behind our products..

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Essential Platinum

Essential Platinum

The Kinetico Essential Platinum series wil ensure that you get the water that you want in your home. Moving water powers these systems, not electricity, so operation is simple and reliable. There are no times or computers to set, adjust, repair or replace. Your Kinetico wate professional will accurately adjust the system to your specific water conditions, resulting in soft, clean and healthy water. The minimal regeneration time ensures that your unit is back in service more quickly than traditional single tank softeners. We stand behind our products by offering a 5 year warranty.

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Kinetico 4040 Water Softener
Kinetico Water Softeners

Powered by the kinetic energy of moving water—not electricity—these exceptional water softeners soften and remove odors and chlorine from your family's water. Learn more about Kinetico's line of Water Softeners.

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